July 31, 2010

The Big Move

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This weekend is the big move.

My daughter has been searching for the last couple of months for the perfect apartment.

One that was just right for the baby with enough room for her to bring her own washer and dryer.

The trips to the laundromat were beginning to wear thin for her.

She is so excited.

It is a bit further away from town than she wanted, but the deal was just too good to refuse.

And these days we all have to watch our spending just a bit more.

She is going to spend the weekend getting all moved in and putting everything away as the boxes come through the front door.

A big job to be sure, but she wants it all done so when we come up next week, everything is pretty much put away.

All of this in one weekend, but it should be a bit easier with us watching the baby while they are getting it done.

She loves the big windows and openness of her new living room, and I just know she is thinking of how much her plants are going to love it there too.

Before we go over I am thinking of having a new plant delivered to her that will arrive before we do.

I can't decide whether to send her a cactus or a bonsai - either one she will love, and the cat won't.

This would be a great surprise for her - one she could certainly use after the very busy weekend she will be putting in.

Besides, who doesn't love to see that flower delivery person at the door with a special gift - send some to your someone special too!

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