June 11, 2010

Redecorating on the List

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We have been doing a few small "home improvement" projects over the last couple of weeks mixed in with the cleaning and preparations for our summer visitors.

Most of these projects have been inexpensive - changing the room around or adding various small decorative accents.

We will be tackling the bathroom next, and the new curtains and shower accessories have already been purchased.

We gave some thought to repainting it and looked into some the Glidden paint colors at the Home Depot.

All those extra large paint chips caught my eye right off, and I put a few samples together just to get an idea of what we could do. They even had a couple of coordinating colors on each card so we could get additional ideas.

Then the clerk pointed out the paint testers.

Oh man, I was in heaven now!

These testers are little jars of paint with a paint brush built right into the top cover.

They are only $2.95, and you can purchase this small tester to try it on what you want to paint to make sure it is exactly what you want.

The colors in the store always look different when you get them home due to different lighting conditions and the actual material and color you are painting over.

With this little tester, you can try it on your project before you buy a whole load of paint for the whole job.

And if you have already painted, and need a touch up, these testers are also great for that job - quick, easy, and most of all - not messy.

We still haven't decided yet on the repainting, but it was great to learn what was available for the job when the time comes.

You can find out more about these nifty little testers at the Glidden Paint website, where Glidden Paint Helps Make Color Easy with the www.Glidden.com Room Painter.

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