June 4, 2010

Ice Tea Additions

In my last post about Ice Tea, I mentioned how we made our own tea by brewing it in the sun.

We really enjoy this simple and inexpensive tea, but we drink so much of it that sometimes it's nice for a change.

And in the summertime there just isn't much else to drink as we are not into soda or juices.

We also like the Arizona teas, but they can get expensive and the sugar in them is just too much sometimes.

So, we decided to try adding a can of the peach flavored one to our jug of sun tea after we had already had a couple of cups out of it.

Wow - it was really good!

It added just the right amount of peach flavor, and it wasn't too sweet either.

What a nice change it was, and the blueberry is next on the list to try.

And it really stretched that can of tea out too.

Now when the sales come on that tea, we will stock up and enjoy our new discovery all summer long!

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