June 7, 2010

Over 25 Years of Photos

Taking a break from the cleaning spree that we have been on, we looked through some old photos albums.

It started with the wedding album when we got married almost 28 years ago.

Then the years before the kids - those were 2 albums altogether.

Then the kids came and there was a new album just about every year as they grew up - a whole bookshelf of them!

It was such a joy to view them, but it just boggles one's mind at how fast the years went.

One thing we kept saying over and over gain - look how young we were - and how skinny too!

There is nothing like looking at old photos to get one a bit more motivated in the weight loss department.

It has certainly got me thinking harder about it.

Now, as long as I can keep those thoughts, I might actually loose some pounds.

Perhaps hanging one on the fridge will help!

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