June 15, 2010

Jasmine Rice

I had wanted to try Jasmine rice for quite a while, and when the market put it on sale, I was quite excited.

This rice tends to be a bit more expensive than the regular white that we eat, and I wasn't too sure it would be something my family liked.

Along with the sale, I had a coupon which helped make the decision to buy it even more appealing.

Upon bringing it home, I couldn't wait to smell it - to see if there was any difference between the white and it.

It smelled the same, but the grains were smoother and longer.

It took about the same amount of time to cook it, and it smelled heavenly cooking.

And eating it was such a treat - what a delicate, sweet taste.

It is now our favorite rice.

It is the only one that we eat as-is - veggies or sauces would take away from it's unique flavor!

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