November 8, 2009

Still Walking

a trail marked in the woods

The path shown here with a trail marker is one that we have taken in the past on one of our walks.

These days we have been walking in the woods - but not on a nice path like this.

In fact - there is no path.

And it really makes for tough walking.

Dodging tree branches, climbing over uneven ground, balancing on rocks, and trying not to slide on the slippery leaves, we have been getting more of a work-out than a walk.

Autumn is the best time of the year to be in the woods, and we will hopefully continue these "walks" until snowfall.

Then it is back to the roads and the maintained paths.


  1. I love the picture and your blog. I have awarded you The Best Blog Award. Please come by and pick it up!

  2. Many thanks to you, Barbara for the lovely award - and to be included with such a great list of blogs as well!