November 21, 2009

New Guidelines for Women's Health

a pink heart with a breast cancer ribbon

There has been a lot of talk this past week regarding the guidelines for women's health.

I am sure that there are many individuals that abuse the health system, including this sector of it.

I do hope though, that this does not set the standards across the board.

A pap smear in my early 20's saved my life.

I had always had them since the age of 18 with no problems.

In one year's time, it went from normal to a stage 4 - the next step was cancer.

Going by today's guidelines, it would not have been caught in time.

Prevention has always been the thought regarding these tests, and I hope those in charge do not let the monetary aspects control good sense in determining how we receive health care.

It will end up costing a lot more in the end - and it will be paid with human lives, not money.

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