October 6, 2009

Swine Flu Shot Decision

They swine flu vaccinations have arrived in our town.

I am not too concerned about my husband and myself, but I do worry about my daughter.

She is expecting her first child towards the end of December, and it is recommended that all pregnant women get the shot.

She is really worried about this whole scene, and as her parent, I feel so helpless when it comes to advising her.

She feels it hasn't been tested enough, and she is so afraid it will hurt the unborn baby.

Yet she is scared that she might actually get the flu, and the death rate for expecting mothers with this swine flu is too high to just ignore.

She works from her home so her exposure is only when she grocery shops - she refuses to be around crowds.

If her husband even thinks about getting a sniffle, she says she is coming over here with us until he gets better.

She has certainly thought this through, and we will stand by her decision, and pray that they all stay safe and healthy.


  1. We've been talking about our kids and getting the shot. With my oldest in preschool I think the risk of us getting sick or the baby getting sick is too high. My husband heard on talk radio that this flu shot is the same as the one we've had for years just with the new strain. The 'fillers' are all the tested methods of previous years. With my kids being so young, the risk of them getting sick outweighs the risk of a new shot.

  2. It's a tough choice. We feel the risks from swine flu are very low compared to the "normal" seasonal flu, so the shot is not justified. And we don't get the other shot either. You just make the decision that's right for you.

  3. I wish I could get a straight story on this. Some say that you have to get it, while other sources say that it hasn't been tested enough. I think it's a good idea to get multiple opinions from medical doctors about this.