September 26, 2009

A Fun Game

Many years ago we played an interesting game with our children.

We were talking about how it would be a challenge to feed a family of four a good, filling dinner for only $5.00.

We decided to dedicate Friday nights for this experiment, and we drew numbers to decide the order of who would go first.

The meals had to be healthy - no junk food.

The preparer had to plan, budget, and shop for the meal to compare the prices and get the best deal.

After the meal was finished, we each "graded" it on taste, fullness, and healthyness, and the results were put in a sealed enveloped until we had each had our turn.

The kids loved doing it, and it taught them a lot.

To this day my daughter is quite the grocery shopper - she really gets a lot for her money.

We all really enjoyed planning and doing this "game", and even now we think about it as we plan and prepare meals each week.

Sad thing is though, that $5.00 is awfully hard to stretch into a dinner for four these days!


  1. Great idea although as you say $5 doesn't go very far even for a couple these days. For a family of four I'm betting you'd have to raise that to at least $15-20. Saying that, you could probably make some nice simple dishes like lasagna for less than $10.