October 13, 2009

Deep Breaths for Good Health

Filling the lungs fully with air is best way to ward off potential respiratory infection.

The fresh oxygen helps clear the blood of toxins and it keeps the lungs working at their full capacity also.

Most of us do not breathe correctly - we take shallow breaths, not the deep cleansing ones we should be taking.

This is one of the reasons that pregnant women have a harder time fighting the swine flu.

The growing baby doesn't allow them to take those deep cleansing breaths.

Many of the mother's organs are pushed up, including the lungs.

There is no physical way that they can take deep breaths.

I really have to concentrate on doing this, and I am hoping it becomes second nature with time.

Of course, when I am standing in line somewhere, or passing by a coughing, hacking person, I will make sure my breaths are most shallow.

Breathing those germs in deeply is not logical.

And if worse comes to worse, wearing a face mask around public is not a problem for me - no sense inviting trouble - especially since I have a pregnant daughter in my life.

Need to keep her and my grandbaby safe.

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