September 15, 2009

Corn in Season

sweet corn on the cob

The sweet kernels are the popping kind - light and very crunchy.

The corn has been ready in our area for a couple of weeks now, but due to so much rain earlier this summer, the ears were kind of stunted in size.

But that has all changed now that they have had a pretty good August to grow.

It may be later this year, but it is certainly worth waiting for.

The kernels will get meatier and more hardy as the season progresses, but they will be enjoyed all the same.

The farmer's market is a bit more expensive than the supermarket, but we only get this fresh corn straight from the field a few times a summer, and spending a bit more for it is a delicious treat!


  1. I love corn! But I think summer corn is better, and sweeter.

  2. my kids love corn, specially the sweet one.

    by the way with regards to your comment on adgitizing tool, the badges are up again (there some error the last time so I take it out for a while).. you can now grab it here. When you're done putting it in your side bar, tell me so I can include you on the list.. Thanks!!