September 8, 2009

Walking Increases Life Span

a walkway along a boardwalk

I heard it on the radio - I can't remember if it was a commercial or a Public Service Announcement.

It stated that for every hour you walk, you increase your life by one hour.

I don't know how much studying or research went into it - they didn't get into any of the details.

I guess if anyone needed any motivation to get them started, this just might do it.

And that could be all the commercial was trying to do anyway whether it is true or not.


  1. I actually enjoy walking and wish I could do it more. Obviously the weather in Las Vegas most of the year is not real fun to walk in. Whenever the husband and I go places we always try to walk a lot especially in cities that are great walking cities like New York.

  2. Wow, that's inspiring...yet if it were true, couldn't a person basically walk right into immortality? Or is my math off here....

  3. Haha - too funny Willoaks! That's one way to get around the dying part of life!