July 7, 2012

Swimming the Lines

It has taken about a month of steady swimming - just about everyday, but we have finally accomplished it.

We are back to swimming the entire lines of the swim area at the lake.

The water has been on the warm side lately, so getting in and getting down to business is very easy.

The days with no wind make the swimming very smooth and almost effortless as we glide through the water.

The windy days are a struggle to get to the other end with our faces being swamped and smacked by the oncoming waves.

The way back on those days though is a breeze with the wind pushing us along.

Late afternoon is still the best time for us, and sometimes we are even lucky enough to have the whole lake to ourselves.

That would be when the chance of rain is high.

We figure we are going to be wet anyway, so as long as there is no thunder and lightening, the swim is still on.

We love this type of exercise - just wish it was a year round thing!

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