July 29, 2012


Our favorite local farm stand is now open for the summer season.

It is our favorite place to get our sweet corn that we love so much.

Granted, it is more expensive than what the supermarket has to offer, but it tastes oh so much better.

And fresher, and sweeter too!

I had noticed when we walked into the barn that there was a sign on the wall that stated:

No GMOs used here.

Now, I know that was a good thing, as I had been reading  about how many of the seeds have been changed genetically - supposedly for our benefit.

 But I wasn't aware of what the letters stood for.

The DNA molecules in the food are altered with different organisms that usually come from different species.

More and more this is being done to our food supply in order to make it more disease and pest resistant  from inside the seed itself.

It is my thought that if the bugs cannot eat it, how can we?

How will our insides cope with it after years of eating it?

I do know that the corn I had from the market earlier this year played havoc with my intestines.

I wonder if it was GMO corn.

I was almost afraid to eat my favorite local treat when it became available this season.

But it was fine.

And with the assurance of no GMOs, it was even finer! 

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