May 20, 2012

Deal on Speakers

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lenovo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I love my new smartphone, as you know from how I have been using it to manage my daily calories and exercise routines.

But there is so much more to this little piece of technology.

And another great joy I get from it is the music.

I spent quite some time uploading many songs from my CD collection onto my computer.

From there, all those songs went onto my phone - all 832 of them.

Nothing like having them all organized into one place.

There is only one problem I have with listening to them though.

I really despise those little earbuds.

I use regular headphones - but they are big and bulky, and I really don't like having my hearing completely cut off from the rest of the world - especially when I am outside of the house.

I have a cord in my car that connects to the radio through a USB port.  That works great while driving.

I can always listen to my music through my computer, but the speakers I have hooked up to it are not the best.

I have been through several sets of them - one pair just got tired and gave out, and of course they were really good ones.

The sound that came out of the next pair I hooked up was just way too bad - I got rid of them in a hurry.

I picked up an older set with a big bass speaker and speaker bar, but the sound from them still isn't as good as the original ones, and it takes up a lot of room.

I have been giving some thought to these new Lenovo speaker.

These  guys are little, but they produce a big, bold sound with built in amplifiers and a sub-speaker all in one.

They can be used with the computer and the smartphones.

They get their power form the USB computer connection, and the speaker wires spool for less wire-mess around the desktop.

Four watts of power come out of these little speakers - should make the music sound really good.

And until 5/21, these speakers are on sale for only $11.99 - that's a savings of $18.00 off the original price.

If you have tried them, let me know what you think of their sound.


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