November 10, 2011

Don't Forget the Mat

It gets used every day.

And since I started with the yoga, it has been used twice a day for the past month.

And I have used it for many years.

It still has many years left in it.

But not if I don't take care of it.

That would be my exercise mat.

It gets jumped on, sat upon, and most of all sweatted on.

Then, most of the time, it gets rolled right back up.

It becomes the perfect breeding ground for germs, and over time, it won't smell too good.
So it needs a good cleaning every now and then.
Mine gets stretched out in the bath tub, and soaked in a bleach solution.
Then it gets showered down and hung out on the clothesline.
The foam takes quite a while to dry.
After I finish using it each time, I let it sit on the floor, or drape it over a chair for a bit so it can dry out from the exercise routine.
These steps have kept it fresh and clean for many years.

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