November 25, 2011

A Different Black Friday

We received all the sale fliers in the newspaper and checked out the stores we were interested in online.

And we didn't find much of anything that we couldn't live without.

The crazy hours and mobs of people are just not to our liking, so not finding anything was a good thing for us.

My daughter found some excellent deals, and her and her husband docked many hours standing in lines and fighting the crowds.

We did do some Black Friday shopping though.

And I bet you can't guess where we went.

Why, the supermarket, of course.

And we found some really good deals ourselves.

Since the markets were closed yesterday, and for the most part were deserted today, they had many markdowns to move the food that had been sitting for almost two days now.

We got all-natural fresh turkeys for .29 cents a pound.

We had a roast beef for Thanksgiving, so one of those turkeys is going in the oven tomorrow night.

We froze another one, and if the freezer had had more room, it would have had a buddy in there with it.

They were a great deal, and the stores had practically nobody in them.

Who goes to the grocery store the day after Thanksgiving any way - we do!

The only thing I felt really bad about - that poor turkey's life was only worth $4.97.

At least it won't go to waste, and we are most thankful for it.

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