July 30, 2011

Zucchini Galore

Anyone who has grown them knows that zucchini can get out of hand in a big way.

And when they begin to mature in the garden, you don't have just one.

I think this season, I have seen the biggest one ever come through the front door.

It and it's twin were "hiding" under the leaves and didn't get noticed.

These veggies were easily over two feet long - and they were so fat.

What was I possibly going to do with those?

With one of them, I made two chocolate zucchini cakes, and froze enough shredded for another three cakes.

The other monster went into a dish that I put together with green peppers, onions, cooked ground beef/pork, and spaghetti sauce.

We have had three meals of it, and there are three more in the freezer.

What looked overwhelming turned into many delicious meals and desserts with one afternoon of work.

That's just what I like - saving time and money and stretching them both a long way!


1 comment:

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