July 18, 2011

Swimming Strong

It has been quite a summer for swimming.
And we have only missed a couple of days so far this season.
We even go in the rain - just not the thunder and lightening kind of rain.
The weights I have been using with my arms in my morning routines has made such a difference in the swim strokes.
No tiring or pain in the shoulders as previous summers have brought.
I have been using a pair of flippers every other day now to build my legs up in the water.
We now swim the entire lines in the swim area at the lake - all the way down and back.
I would never have even dreamed of doing this years ago when I was much younger.
Can't believe it is such an easy task now.
At some point we are going to measure, on land, the distance between the beginning and end of the lines.
Of course, the way it is wrapped around the park, it is much more distance further out than closer to shore.
We'll figure it out somehow - there must be some type of mathematical equation that can come up with an answer.
Off for our daily swim!


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