July 25, 2011

A Swim in the Ocean

We are going to give it a try.

A swim in the ocean, that is.

I am not too sure how long it will be - I haven't been completely in the sea since I was a young girl.

Wading up to the knees is about all it has been for years - the water is just too cold.

Don't know how we ever stayed in as long as we did all those years ago.

But, we are taking a new approach at this time in our lives.

We are going to wear a wetsuit.

We bought them over the winter to use them in the fall to extend our swimming time in the lake.

Why not try them out at the ocean?

We will probably look ridiculous - the only ones in wetsuits while all the others are in swimsuits.

Oh well - they just take one look at our silver and white heads and decide we are just two old people who are crazy.

But I am so excited - let them enjoy themselves too with a good laugh.


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