March 24, 2011

Watch Those Fats

I am pretty sure I had a gallbladder attack a couple of weeks ago.
Indigestion has always plagued me, but a couple of weeks before I had it, the heartburn was quite severe.
I awoke one morning with an extremely sharp pain under my right rib.
Every breath in brought on a round of pain.
Moving was no joy either.
I thought I pulled a muscle, but it didn't really feel like that.
Ibuprofen usually helps with muscles and nothing was touching it.
After reading online, it sounded like gallstones to me.
From what I read, it can be controlled by diet - especially watching the intake of fats.
I will give it a try for a bit before I head to my doctor.
So far so good on the diet - the pain has subsided - hopefully for good!


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