March 10, 2011

Keep It Full

Over the last few weeks, we all have watched the prices at the gas pump rising way too quickly.
Many of us are combining several errands on our trips into town.
But there is still shock at the pump when filling up.
What used to take thirty dollars when the gauge read 1/4 of tank, now takes almost fifty dollars.
So, we have been trying to get around that shock by keeping our tank full.
We don't let it get past the 3/4 mark now on the gauge.
Reality:  we are using less as we are traveling less, but we are putting in about forty dollars a week now instead of the thirty.
It just feels a little better by putting it in a little at a time.
And when I sat at a stop light, and watched one station raise the price .11 cents in that quick time, I was pretty happy to look at my full gauge knowing they didn't get me for this one.


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