February 6, 2011

Walking Outside

Today was the first day in over a month and a half that it got above the freezing mark on the thermometer.

We celebrated with a walk down the road - something we haven't done in a couple of months due to the severe weather we have been having.

The walking we did do during this time was in shopping centers and parking lots, and sometimes downtown along the main streets.

The snow banks on our road are almost above our heads - there isn't a whole lot of viewing the woods as we walk along.

That can be a bit unsettling as we do have a wide variety of wild life around, and I would rather see them long before they are right in front of me.

All of this snow has got to be really hard on them - all their food is buried under several feet of snow and ice.

The walk in the fresh air felt really good, and hopefully the coming days will permit us to do it again.

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