February 17, 2011

Love That Granola

For years I have made my own granola.
I find it to be a cheaper alternative to the pre-made commercial ones, and I know what I have in it.
Growing up, my kids have always loved it, and these last couple of weeks I have been making more of it.
Since my son is becoming "health conscious" he is eating more of these types of foods.
My recipe is quite versatile and when it comes to adding the dried fruits after cooking it - just about any kind are good.

This time, instead of putting in the cinnamon that the recipe calls for, I added a teaspoon of real vanilla extract mixed in with the wet ingredients.
What a good flavor it gave this batch of granola.
Sometimes I like to add in a handful of mini chocolate chips, but this time I will use a handful of the dark chocolate M&M's.
Those bright colors make it look really good, and more importantly, my son can see them and avoid adding them to his serving.

He would rather not have the chocolate - but I think it is most necessary.

And since it can't be milk chocolate - the dark will have to do.

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