October 1, 2010

Swimming in October

We started swimming this past season in May - the hot days before summer officially arrived had us heading down to the lake.

And we have ended this season in October - a first for us.

This past week had us at the lake four days.

The air temps ranged anywhere between 71 and 81 degrees - higher than normal for this region at this time of the year.

The water temperature on Wednesday was 68 degrees - up 3 degrees from the previous weekend.

A wind and rain storm started moving up the eastern seaboard yesterday and it made the air quite tropical.

By the time it passed through this afternoon, the air and water were the same temperature.

The wind yesterday had the water quite choppy and it was a chore to swim.

Today it was raining, but it was as smooth as glass - my favorite.

I do not know if we will make it in again to swim this season, but we have certainly enjoyed every minute we have spent in the water.

I will surely miss this great form of exercise.

Thanks to Mother Nature for giving us this beautiful gift!

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