October 28, 2010

Don't Forget Emotional Health

Quite often in our search for a healthy physical body, we often forget the mental and emotional side of our health.

I received some potential bad news regarding my health a couple of weeks ago, and it really didn't hit me right off.

Soon after the news, we went about our daily chores, grocery shopping and various tasks.

Not one to spend money unnecessarily, I always admire the flowers and plants in the market, but only purchase them for special occasions - mainly holidays when the family will be around.

This time I actually took a stroll around the stands - and a bright bouquet of colored daisies caught my eye.

They were not something I would usually even give a second glance - I prefer flowers in their natural state, not colored unnaturally.

But they were very bright and cheerful - just what was called for at the moment.

Throwing my usual frugalness to the wind, a bouquet made their way into the cart.

My husband looked at them and asked if they were really the ones I wanted.

Those were the ones, and they only cost $3.99.

This was over two weeks ago, and those bright flowers are still in beautiful shape right in the center of the kitchen table.

I really can't believe they have lasted so long.

They were a small thing that has given my emotional side great pleasure.

It is important to nurture this side of our health also.

Too often we forget this - I won't be from now on.

1 comment:

  1. I hope your "health scare" is just a scare. You make an important point that sometimes we have to feed our emotional being. It really does help us to heal.
    Love the daisies!