June 13, 2009

Walking the Mall

Having to make my once a year trek to the mall is not something that I find enjoyable.

Too many people, stale air, and the whole atmosphere is just not what I find appealing.

But since we had to go anyway, we decided that we would make it part of our walk routine for the day.

I scoffed at first as the thought of old people in sweats and sneakers filled my mind.

Well, I admit, I can be wrong, and this time I was.

There were not many people at the mall and as we strolled along there was no dodging or sidestepping to get around the slow pokes or children running wild.

The climate controlled air actually felt pretty good on this warm day, and there was pleasant music playing and fresh plants all around.

Our steps added up pretty quickly, and the whole experience was quite different from other trips to the mall.

Perhaps we could do this again this summer on a hot and humid day. And the window shopping is an added free benefit!

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