June 2, 2009

America's Food Consumption

We are currently watching the Earth 2100 show that is on television tonight.

I just heard something that I found quite shocking.

They stated that it would take four Earths to feed the rest of the world the way America eats.

I know that this show is just an assimilation, but this is a scary thought.

We are out of control in this country with our eating habits.

If that thought isn't motivation enough to pay attention and take care of ourselves so we can take care of our planet, then I don't know what is.


  1. here there is always buffet at the restaurant and its not cheap too. I think its a waste as I seen guest not eating all and left a lot on table.

  2. this sat going for buffet well its grandma birthday every year she celebrate that way.

  3. Hi TH,

    Thanks for stopping by. I never even thought about the waste side of the consumption in this country. You are so right and I thank you for bringing up that side of it.

    Enjoy the buffet on your grandma's b-day!

  4. I don't believe that it takes four earth to feed the rest of the world by American way. Come on, we have our own way to eat, why should be patterned to the way of American people. I guess that's non sense to bring about.

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