June 9, 2009

First Time for an Artichoke

I have seen artichokes many times in the supermarket, and never felt inclined to even try one.

There didn't look to be too much that was edible on them and I would have no idea of how to begin to break into them

And they were too expensive to even give them a second thought anyway.

My sister had mentioned to me that she had eaten them and that they tasted pretty good.

So, when I saw a tray of them on the markdown cart at the market, I figured that for sixty cents for three of them, I could give them a try.

Thanks to the internet, I found step by step instructions on how to prepare, cook, and eat an artichoke.

I chose the steaming method for cooking them, and I must say, they didn't smell too good.

But since I was determined to try them, I didn't let the smell stop me.

All of that "hair" in them was something else too.

It was a job to get to that edible heart, but it was well worth the work.

It was suggested to dip it in butter, but I found it to be quite delectable straight from the plant itself.

Very glad they were in the clearance section, and even happier that I decided to try them!


  1. It's been years since I've had an artichoke but when I was growing up we used mayo instead of butter which was quite nice.