March 27, 2009

We Need an Alternative to Refined Sugar

Here is a scary fact:

On average, Americans consume about 175 pounds of sugar a year - that is almost a half pound each day.

Find it hard to conjure up what a half pound looks like?

Well, it is about 46 teaspoons.

46 teaspoons each day.

I find this figure unbelievable and it is no wonder that diabetes is on the rise in this country.

And we are lead to believe that artificial sweeteners are the answer to this problem.

Well, since I am not an artificial human, eating artificial food is not an option.

In the past I have used fructose, which is about 70% sweeter than sugar, so you don't use as much.

It is still a refined sugar though.

I do know that if I eat very little sugar, the body quickly adapts to the intake amount.

Where you wouldn't notice a sweet taste in a certain food before, when you eat very little sugar, the tongue picks up it's taste in the food. When you actually add more, it becomes too sweet.

I think our bodies develop a tolerance - over time you need more of it to taste it.

There is no nutritional value to sugar at all. It hits a pleasure sensor in us, and naturally we want to consume more of it.

It's hard, but try cutting back on it. You will discover a whole new taste to food.

That romaine lettuce is a sweet treat, but you will not know it unless you go without all the added refined sugar in your diet.

Celery and carrots are also sweet.

Who would have guessed the alternative to refined sugar is none to little in the diet!


  1. It's really quite sad, but I am a sugar junkie..

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  2. I can't believe how much innovation health and medicine has achieved after so many years. Great post by the way. :)

  3. When you see it as 175 pounds per year it is scary. It's difficult to fathom. Very informative post.

  4. Hi! I noticed that my website isn't appearing well just in case you want to read what I think about health being a health buff myself. Cheers!

  5. very interesting and informative post, we are thankful for sharing it to us, continue this wonderful things. More power!

  6. Kathy you are so right about the sugar. I never use sugar in my teas, or coffees. I have to admit that my baking kind of introduced more sugar into my diet, but I been using more raw sugar, but sugar is sugar like you said. Anna :)