October 22, 2009

Apple Harvest is the Best

harvested apples in a wood crate

Nothing like biting into a crisp apple that you have just picked from the tree yourself.

Crunchy, sweet, juicy, and so delicious!

Harvesting the apples has been underway in our area for the past month and we have made several trips to the orchard as certain varieties begin to come into season.

Picking is the best way to save money on a peck, and it guarantees you get exactly what you want.

But when it comes to baking or cooking with apples, I like to purchase the utility ones that the orchard offers at a huge savings.

They are supposed to be the ones with blemishes, but it is very hard to find anything wrong with them.

There must be something about them that doesn't meet the standards, but they taste, cook, and look just like the more expensive ones.

Apple Sauce and Apple Crisp top the list of baked goodies we have enjoyed this season, and there will be one more trip up next month to purchase the big load we need for making apple jelly.

We will be enjoying that until next season when it will be perfect timing for making more.


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  1. Carl2009 said...
    October 28, 2009 at 11:10 PM

    I love apples. As they say an apple a day keeps the doctor jobless. :) Wish I can have some. :(

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