January 8, 2021

Winter Walking

Tracking the number of steps taken each day has become a habit that I have been trying to keep for the past few years.

Winters in New England haven't always been easy to accomplish this.

And until this year, I honestly didn't give it the effort it deserved.

It's not just the sub freezing temps that keep me indoors, it's the ice and snow which makes it hard to trudge through.

The first storm of the season dumped over thirty inches of snow, so I figured this year was doomed as well.

A couple of above freezing days packed some of it down enough to get my path established again through the yard.

My little four legged companion keeps me company as we make our rounds.

Seeing how happy she is to be out walking is big encouragement to get me out there too.

Twenty minutes is about all her little feet can do in the snow, and she lets me know when we're done.  

And really, that's about enough for me too!


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