January 18, 2019

Plants Only?

We've been hearing more lately about plant based diets.

It seems there is always a new diet routine that pops up every couple of years that creates a lot of commotion about being the healthiest new lifestyle choice.

Some of them are just craziness and some do have some sensible choices that should be part of a healthy eating plan anyway.

But, plants only?

That means no animal, dairy, eggs, refined sugars, refined grains, and all processed foods.

Plant based foods - vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and legumes make up the bulk of the diet.

Certain oils, such as olive and coconut, and certain sweeteners, such as agave and maple syrup are plant based so they are allowed.

The whole idea of this way of eating is to reduce the risks of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, certain cancers, and cognitive decline.

It has also shown benefits to those with inflammation, digestive issues, allergies, and asthma.

It lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as helps regulate blood sugar levels.

The way to healthy eating lifestyle choices is a fairly simple one - Mother Nature provides what we need in it's natural form.

But mankind has put many obstacles and roadblocks that stand in the way of reaching this goal.

Cheese, sugar, unhealthy fats, refined grains, and tons of varieties of processed foods to just name a few.

And for most families, it's cheaper and quicker to prepare these foods in this busy, expensive world we live in.

My family has always eaten healthy, but my daughter and her family have adopted the plants only eating plan for the past month.

She and her husband have seen significant changes in their well being.

Enough so that they will be continuing their plant only diet.

This mother is watching and listening.

And you bet I will post more about this as time goes on.

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