February 15, 2014

A Different Yoga Routine

My yoga routine has not changed much in the the last three years.

And it is too easy to get comfortable with one's favorite workout.

Not to mention that with fifty quickly approaching, I am not going to try something too difficult that would easily throw a shoulder, hip, or knee out of commission.

As I was browsing the apps that were available on my new laptop, I came across one I thought looked interesting.

After checking it out and reading the reviews, I downloaded it.

There are several routines, each aimed at different areas, and it includes three levels within each one for difficulty.

I have tried quite a few of them, finding my limitations as well as the ones that are too easy.

The flows are great, and much to my dismay at first, I find I like the animated lady as well.

The instructions are clear and precise as are the movements of the animated instructor.

I am really enjoying my new yoga routine.

But I must remember to switch it up sometimes - its's good all the way around!

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