October 5, 2013

Turkey Markdown

We hit it just right at the market last week.

I was looking to cook a couple of small chickens so we could have a meal and some sandwiches for lunch.

I couldn't believe my eyes when we spotted a fresh all-natural turkey marked down to $9.69.

That was a lot of meat for the money as we soon found out.

That turkey served three people five meals each.

Homemade gravy from the drippings and homemade bread provided what was needed for the hot turkey sandwiches.

And our feral cat made out pretty good too.

He ate all week long the scraps that we picked from that bird.

So, when we figured it out, each meal cost us .65 cents each.

And the cat ate for free!

Now those deals are few and far between, but how we love finding the really good stuff for a great price!

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