October 18, 2012

From Swimming to Walking

We knew it had to end.

Our daily swims at the lake have been over for about three weeks now.

Last year we made it into October, but this year it just wasn't possible - the weather didn't cooperate at all.

Last year I picked up yoga to replace the swimming, and I have stuck with it right through the whole year.

I miss the swimming, but joining the Y or a fitness club is just out of our reach at this time.

So, my husband tells me, "I would like to do something to replace the swimming"

Knowing that Yoga was not for him, I began to think.

We needed something we could do that didn't cost us anything.

Something close to home would be great too.

And nothing too hard - I didn't want him to quit before he began.

Walking was the just the ticket.

We figure a good 40 minute walk a couple of times a week would get us started.

Of course, the weather has been cooperating perfectly so far.

But I know it will get colder - New England can be counted on for that.

But hopefully by then it will have become such a desired thing that we won't let it bother us.

Fingers are crossed!

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