April 13, 2012


Man, it is not easy.

Resisting all the foods that cause us to gain weight.

Now, I do not have a big problem with the fats - too much of them will cause my gallbladder and stomach to act up so staying away from them is a given if I want to feel good.

But those carbs - they are hard to resist.

And it isn't the "good" carbs - it's the grains that I love.

Rice, wheat, oats, whole grain breads - they all turn to sugar then fat in my system.

And it is not that these foods are bad for us - we need them in our diets.

I have even been able to watch my sugar intake which is a giant step for me.

But those grains keep calling.

So, I will allow a bite once in a while, and a serving every now and then.

But it isn't easy.

"Just keep the weight loss goal" in mind is what I tell myself.

I know it will be worth it in the end.

 But it isn't easy :(

1 comment:

  1. I agree, it is VERY hard to avoid the foods that taste so good, but are so bad for you! The way I deal with it, is I allow myself to enjoy the foods, I just cut the portions way down!