March 6, 2012

Sick House

We are a couple of sickos now.

It has been a couple of years since we have come down with colds, but they are making up for it with this version we now have.

Mine was really slow coming on, and it is now in it's second week of hanging on - it just won't shake.

My husband started getting it this past weekend - it hit him much faster than it did me.

My son doesn't even want to come through the front door any more.

We just reassured him that it was too late for that kind of thinking since we are most contagious before we even come down with the symptoms.

I am just happy to see we had some frozen turkey soup still in the freezer.

Hopefully it is the medicine we need to feel better.

I am certainly willing to give it a try - it will go down real nicely on the throat and the steam will help the sinuses.

Hoping it will all be over with soon - just in time to welcome in Spring!

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