March 20, 2012

Being Accountable

It is paying off.

Being accountable for all that I eat is working.

I have lost two pounds over the last couple of weeks by using my calorie and exercise counter in my smartphone.

The first week or so I put everything in with no regard to what I was eating.

I was learning the servings and seeing how everything added up.

Then I started to pay attention to what I ate.

And pay attention to all the food contents - the fats, sugars, and carbs as well as the calories.

And when you are honestly accountable for everything that you eat - quantity and serving size, you begin to see results.

I like that if you want something with a bit more calories than usual, then you just do more exercise to offset it.

The calories burned while working out are taken into account in the calculations the program makes.

It makes you accountable for the food you eat as well as gets you motivating to do some exercise.

It a very positive thing, and it really works!


  1. ..i guess i need to do this too.. ;|

  2. PinoyMD - there are free programs online that help track the foods and calories. Good luck!