February 28, 2012

iPhone Apps

I have a new toy that I have become quite enthralled by

I have a new iPhone.

This is the first smartphone I have owned, and I am very impressed with what it does - although it is a bit scary that it knows so much.

I have downloaded an app called My Fitness Pal.

Man, is that thing good.

It tracks all I eat and adds up the calories, fats, sugars, fibers, carbs, proteins, and fats just by reading the bar codes with the camera on the products I eat.

All my exercise can be put in it too.

After getting a few specifics regarding weight, age, and lifestyle, it calculates the correct calories I need each day in order to loose weight.

And as I put the food in, it also gets added to the website online so I can keep track of it there too.

It really is amazing how it all works.

I will be posting more as I go along and see what I need to change in my diet and lifestyle to get those pounds off.

I can see where this little app is going to be a big help.

And to top it off - it is a free app.

It really can't get any better than that in this weight loss battle!

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