February 12, 2012

A Cooking Afternoon

Today was a freezing one outside, a high of 17 degrees.

But we were cooking up a storm on the inside, keeping the house nice and toasty and smelling good.

We made an extra large batch of cabbage rolls, and while we were at it, we added in a couple of stuffed peppers too.

Five pounds of cooked ground beef and pork mixture combined with five cups of cooked rice for the stuffing.

And two very large cabbages, precooked to make the baking part quicker.

We layered the leaves and filling instead of rolling them, and topped the whole thing with two large cans of pureed tomatoes that are seasoned just right.

The baking pan just barely fit in the oven it was so large.

There will be plenty to eat, freeze, and share for several meals.

And all for under a total of $20.

Wholesome, healthy, and homemade.

Can't beat that!

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