December 29, 2011

Watching Those Triglycerides

Oh those Triglycerides.

Normal levels of them need to be 150 or lower.

Mine are 240, which are on the high side.

But the good news concerning them - they are the easiest to bring back under control.

It all has to do with the amount and type of calories that one consumes.

Triglycerides are what store the unused calories and when they are too high in the blood, it means one has been eating too many starchy and fatty foods.

So, by lowering those types of food, the triglycerides will come down on their own.

Now, I am not a big consumer of fatty foods, but those starches, well, we have way too cozy a relationship.

Pasta, rice, bread, I just love them all.

And I always thought the fiber they provided was of most importance, so eating them had to be all right.

I am going to have to pay close attention to how much of them I eat from now on - it certainly beats having to go on medication for something that is totally controllable.

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