December 2, 2010

Strep Throat Arriving Early

It is early in the season for this, but strep throat has entered our home.

This is the second time in all these years that we have had it in the family.

As soon as my son felt it, he knew exactly what it was.

There is no other sore throat like it, is his description.

But we also learned that mononucleosis has many of the same symptoms.

That really got us all nervous as it is very contagious.

Luckily the blood test was negative for the mono, but positive for the strep, which we already knew.

A round of antibiotics will take care of it for him, and so far he is the only one who has it.

Keeping the hands away from the face and frequent washing of them is always important.

It's the first line of defense and the most important!

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