December 7, 2010

Store Brands are Just as Good

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have posted many times about how I like to buy the store brand of most of the products that I use.

Whether the item is a cleaning product, food item, office supply, or storage container, I check it out good, read the labels, and will for the most part, give it a try.

Many times my family can not tell the difference - especially in the food products.

We have saved a lot of money over the years by doing this, and my daughter has learned well - she is quite a smart shopper also.

There was one product that she would not compromise on though, and it was the baby formula she was using for our little grandson.

She figured that the name brands, especially the Similac formula had all the right amount of nutrients for her baby.

She used it until the Similac recall issue this past summer when she has to make some changes.

At that time, she began to use the store brand formula and was surprised to see how much she saved each week by doing so.

She carefully compared the labels, and since baby formula has to meet certain FDA requirements, she saw no difference in the nutritional content.

Since the store brands don't do the expensive advertising that the name brands do, and then pass that cost along to the consumer, she is able to still feed her baby the right food, and save a load of money at the same time.

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