November 16, 2010

Time for Hot Drinks

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nestle Dolce Gusto. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ice tea is thought of as a summer drink by most people, but we enjoy it year round in our household.

Instead of having the sun brew it for us, we just set a jug of water with the tea bags in it by one of the heater units and it gets brewed that way.

I must admit though, we don't go through those jugs as quickly now as we did in the summer months.

Quite often, after being outside in the cold temperatures, it is nice to come into the house to have a hot beverage to warm the chilly bones.

Besides hot tea in the winter, hot chocolate is my second favorite drink.  Sometimes it seems to take forever for the water in the kettle to boil, and when one is cold, it seems to take twice as long.

NESCAFE has a new machine on the market that can prepare hot beverages in less than a minute.

This sleek, modern machine makes many kinds of hot or cold beverages by using a special capsule system that produces coffeehouse quality beverages.

What a great accessory  this would be to use year round.  No more waiting for that kettle to boil - hot chocolate or hot tea would be ready when we need it most - probably even before we have the time to take off all those winter layers.

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