November 7, 2010

Stretching That Soup

Just thought I would share a tip that we have been using for the past couple of months.

The days have been getting colder, and sometimes a can of soup for lunch tastes so good.

We try to get the soups that pay attention to the fat and salt content, and those ones are usually a bit more expensive than the regular cans.

Our supermarket has been having the kind we like best on sale for the past week, so we stocked up a few extra cans.

A dollar for a can of soup isn't too bad, and when we split it between two of us, it becomes a great value.

But, we found that we can stretch that one can just a bit more.

I always have a large bowl of cooked rice in the refrigerator - we love to add it to many of our meals.

Well, by adding it to the soup, it expands that one can for another serving - making three bowls instead of two.

But beware when you add the rice.

Adding it just before you eat it is best.

If you have any extra soup that you already added the rice to, and you store it until the next meal, then the rice will swell up big and there will be no liquid left in the soup.

This is really good too, but I think of it as more of a side dish now rather than soup.

Hey, it works too, though!

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  1. My husband and I go even further with the rice, and we make the soup (generally spicy chicken or a chicken and cheese soup) in a filling for burritos! Add some spices, veggies and some cheese, it is delicious, and lasts us forever!