March 4, 2010

Nail Care

All my life I have been blessed with beautiful nails.

Strong, hardly ever breaking, they were always easy to keep filed and looking fine.

This past winter I have had a complete change in them.

Always splitting and breaking - and a couple of them have started to curl under.

Not long any more, they are down to the nubs on a few of them, and I cannot seem to get them to gain any length before they break again.

Doing some research online, this is typical as we age. The natural oils are not produced as much.

Water also takes a big toll on them - causing them to dry out, and without the oils, they split and break.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can make them curl, as a couple of them are doing.

So, wearing gloves as I do the dishes, getting enough B-12 (meats and dairy), and rubbing some vitamin E oil on them in the evenings will hopefully help them out.

It takes a few months for the entire nail to grow out, and as they do, I hope to see improvement.

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