March 11, 2010

Jojoba Oil

In my last post, I wrote about splitting and curling nails.

After doing more research, I may try something called jojoba oil.

It is an almost waxy oil that is derived from the jojoba bean or seed that grows in the Arizona desert.

The oil is most like the natural oils that we have in our skin, and the American Indians that lived in that region used it as a moisturizer.

It is readily absorbed into the skin and is used in many lotions and beauty products around the world.

Using it in it's pure form is not harmful, and only a very small bit is needed to do the job.

I will be checking a couple of online stores to see what I can find at a reasonable cost.

Finding one with vitamin E added to it enhances the effectiveness of it - makes it more long lasting.

I will do updates once I have tried it and observed how it works.

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