February 25, 2010

Home made Spaghetti Sauce

an ice drop on a rose hip

It's always such a big job.

Cutting all the veggies, preparing the sauce, and making the meatballs.

We watched the sales and slowly picked up all the ingredients needed.

Everything was on sale - the veggies, the pounds of sausage, and more pounds of ground beef.

The meatballs are the most time consuming - rolling and cooking four pounds of them is a lot.

But they are well worth the work.

The sauce was all put together yesterday and after hours of simmering, it had to be chilled.

The chilling part is the finishing touch - it just tastes so much better after it has been in the fridge.

All the work will yield a couple of dinners this week and several more over the next couple of months as we pull a bag of sauce out of the freezer.

I first made this sauce when I was thirteen, and there has only been one change in all these years.

Right after I got married, 27 years ago, my husband requested hot Italian sausage to be added.

The sauce has always been made from scratch, and I remember one summer when the kids were young.

I had grown everything in my garden to make it - including the garlic and basil.

It was an experience and I am glad we did it, but all in all, it was a pretty expensive sauce once you count in all the work.

The best part though was we knew exactly what was in it for chemicals - none.

I would like someday to get back to that way.

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