February 21, 2010

A Cold Walk

an ice drop on a rose hip

To look out the window, one would think spring is on the way.

Drips from the roof from the melting snow.

Bright sunshine - much stronger in the sky than it was a month ago.

Longer days - the light sticks around until almost six o'clock now instead of disappearing at four.

The cat was lounging on the porch - the sun warming his thick fur.

I almost didn't take my gloves.

And I almost wore a lighter jacket instead of the heavy winter one.

But the wind gave a big gust as I opened the door and sent me back inside.

To change into that heavy jacket and get those gloves.

The scene outside the window almost convinced me, but good thing I had that reminder before I actually left.

It was a downright cold, windy walk.

But well worth it - next month at this time the calendar will say it's spring.

Can't wait!!

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